Gambling has always been a pool of interesting events and a chance for people to try their luck and enjoy the thrill. To preserve the sanctity of the game and to make sure that the game is played without any bias and there is no exploitation of any kind, all the big top casino chains as well as independent casinos across United Kingdom are regulated by Gambling Commission, the regulators of the British gambling industry under the Gambling Act 2005.

There are different regulations for the players and for the casinos. These regulations are very important for land-based as well as online casinos. If you are looking to work in a casino industry or if you are a casino games player, it imperative for you to know these regulations.

Legal age: Casino games, both land-based or online can be played only by when one is 18 years of age. However, some slot machine games and lottery games have the legal age as 16 years. Any person participating in casino games before he turns 18 is considered to be illegal.

Licences: A licence is mandatory for a casino, for both, online Casinos and land-based casinos.The licenses are granted by the Gambling Commission. For specific activities that the casino offers, there are specific licenses. Betting, bingo, casino games, slot games, lottery games, all have a separate license. No casino can have license for one game or activity and conduct other activities instead.

However, there is no license to the players. Players qualifying the age criteria can play the games they want.

The regulatory authorities make sure that the code of conduct at the casinos is practised unbiased and legal. The following things are looked into:

  • The gambling is played in a fair and transparent environment.
  • Children, and other vulnerable people are not exploited and safe from any frauds.
  • There is proper assistance provided in case of any doubt or any clarification all the time.

While granting licences, it is made sure that the casinos adhere to these codes of practices at any given point in time.

For online casinos, the following areas are under regulation by the UK Gambling Commission:

  • Adding or moving and relocation of new or existing equipment should be notified to the association.
  • The enforcement officer should have access to the equipment for the purpose of audit and inspection.
  • The gambling operator may only take the gambling software from the software companies who are licence holders.
  • It is mandatory for the casino operators to deposit the client’s money in a separate bank account.
  • The terms are conditions of the casino should include a clear description about the protection of the customer’s funds (in the event of solvency), level of protection, and the method followed for protection.
  • The operators must have well defined policies to safeguard illegal credit deposit and also have policies against money laundering.
  • The casinos can use only the Payment method services which are identified by the gambling commission.
  • The casino operators must comply with the terms described under Consumer Rights Act of 2015 in order to ensure fair gaming.
  • The casino must be able to produce the license whenever demanded. Also, the website should display the licence on their website.

All these compliances make sure that the gambling is practiced fairly without harming anyone and also safeguards the interest of everyone. It is mandatory for the all the casinos to abide by.