How to Show Your Support for Your Local Team!

It doesn’t matter what sporting team you support, it’s a sure bet that you want everybody in the world to know the name of the team! If you are a true fan, you likely want everybody you meet to know everything there is to know about the team!

As impressive as you think this might be, there are better alternative ways to show your support, such as the ideas below that be such a turn off for new people that you meet.

Bumper Stickers!

That’s right! While you may think they are a thing of the past, bumper stickers are well and truly in fashion when it comes to sports fans. Whether you choose to go big with one that covers the whole back of your vehicle or a number of smaller ones in a design, bumper stickers are a fool proof way to show your support.

Mobile Device

Do you have a sport themed case for your phone? How about a wallpaper? How about the team song as your message tone? These are all quick ways that you can bring your sports team into your daily life and give you more opportunities to talk about them.


If you aren’t shopping on the Groupon Coupons page for Lids then you are missing out on some serious deals on sports hats and apparel. Be sure to show the world your sporting colors with a hat, jersey, pants, and even sport themed socks and shoes!

If you want to go the extra mile, consider also painting your face in team colors or finding ways to color coordinate your clothes and makeup to align with your team’s allegiance.

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Decorate Your Workspace

You spend a lot of time at work during the day so it only makes sense that space should also reflect your sporting passion! Whether you put posters on your cubicle walls or you find ways to color coordinate your office supplies to match your team’s colors, your desk and workspace are the perfect canvas for the task.

Before you take this tip, it’s a good idea to check with those working around you on their team preferences, lest you want to start a fan-based scum in the office!

Operate a Fan Club

Of course, as a super fan, you know that there are other like minded individuals just like yourself out there. However, how can you all get together to appreciate your favorite team together? Check on your social networks for local groups to attend games with and show your support. If you can’t find one in your area, don’t hesitate to create one yourself! Mention it to fellow fans when you meet them at local games to gain interest and get a real following.

While you may like the introductory scenario where you educate everybody you meet on the achievements of your favored sporting team, the ideas in this article are a much better approach to take and are much less likely to get you into trouble with rival team fans!